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Brand Standards
Branding Tools

Logo Documentation
Logo documentation is a simple process, that is critically important in monitoring your brand graphics. A small investment in time will result in building a tool that will help standardize your branding efforts in the long run. Documentation provides a base-line, or standard description of the structure of your logo that can be used by designers, printer and your staff to verify the accuracy of any reproduction.

Email Signatures
A standardized email signature used by all your employees will go a long way in presenting a standartized public face. Design the signatures to insure that artwork is not lost in the email systems, that name, title and contact information is presented in accordance with the brand style guidelines. Check out how we have our email signatures formatted by clicking on this image.

Logo Clipart
Making clipart versions of your corporate logo artwork available insures that the artwork is reproduced accurately, that it can be easily used for all communications while at the same time, under your control.

Electronic Stat Sheets
In the days before desktop publishing, artwork was distributed to printers and designers through the use of a camera-ready reproduction page, called a stat sheet. This format allowed graphic professionals to reproduce the artwork properly. These days, design professionals are used with working with individual EPS or PDF logo files, but no additional information travels with these files. The Electronic Stat Sheet format was designed to provide the design world with a comprehensive document that contains both production ready artwork along with the rules of use, color standards, whitespace boundries and your contact information.

Click on this image to test these samples out to see for yourself how easy these tools are to use.

Document Templates
Every business uses electronic documents. Building a set of standardized templates makes it easier for your employees to be a part of your branding efforts. Do your memos look consistent across all departments? Using the network capabilities of MSWord, you can provide your entire organization access the same set of document templates, insuring your brand is reinforced with each document created.

Presentation Templates
Presentation templates help your organization to reinforce and standardize your brand in your presentations. By creating a corporate template, each presentation has a consistent look and feel, it streamlines your production time and always provides a professional, business-like appearance.

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