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Brand Standards

You've Spent Thousands On Your New Brand...Now What?
You've dedicated countless hours and spent thousands of dollars to create your brand identity and design your new logo, but how do you ensure it gets used properly on a daily basis? Simply providing your designers an EPS file is just the start. Your employees are your number one brand champions; make sure they understand and can communicate your Brand in their daily communications. A properly developed Brand Standards program will provide you and your staff with a set of tools that ensure that your brand is properly reproduced as part of your normal business processes.

Brand vs. Brand Stardards
As Bill Chiaravalle & Barbara Schenck's branding book "Branding for Dummies" notes: "Your brand identity is a tangible expression that reflects and represents both your mission and vision…it's created to exist as part of your company's business plan". Once your brand program is defined, a brand standards program can reinforce of your brand’s appearance and reproduction, providing the means to ensure your Brand Graphics are always consistent and properly reproduced.

The Brand Standards Program
Any Brand Standards program begins with establishing a baseline description of your brand artwork. This baseline describes your logo's dimensional relationships, how different elements relate to each other within your artwork. With this baseline established, you now have a tool to ensure that all reproductions of your artwork are true and accurate. Next, an electronic "Stat Sheet" ensures your vendors and the media that they have everything they need to accurately reproduce your corporate signature in the production world. Now add a collection of tools for use by your employees and you’ve rounded out the program. The Branding Tools we suggest creating include document and presentation templates, logo clipart, electronic stat-sheets and a custom created email signature.

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Branding Tools
  • Logo Documentation - the first step in establishing your Brand Standards Program. The effort of documenting your existing artwork provides your wil the base to start the development of a much fuller program of insuring your brand standards. More...

  • Email Signatures - A standardized email signature used by all your employees will go a long way in presenting a standardized public face. Design the signatures to ensure that artwork is not lost in the email systems, that name, title and contact information is presented in accordance with the brand style guidelines. More....

  • Stationery Standards - Documenting your logos is just the start in ensuring that your brand is reproduced accurately. Your stationery and packaging should be documented as well. By providing the proper positions and relationships of objects within your business printing, your printer has a base-line on which to gauge all future work. More...
  • Logo Clipart - Making clipart versions of your corporate logo artwork available to both employees and outside agencies ensures the artwork is reproduced accurately, that it can be easily used for all communications and that is current and up to date. More....
  • Electronic Stat Sheets - In the days before desktop publishing, artwork was distributed to printers and designers through the use of a camera-ready reproduction sheet, called a stat sheet. This format allowed graphic professionals to reproduce the artwork properly. These days, design professionals are used with working with individual EPS or PDF logo files, but no additional information travels with these files. The Electronic Stat Sheet format was created to provide the design world with a comprehensive document that contains camera ready artwork along with the rules of use, color standards, whitespace boundaries and contact information. More...

  • Document Templates - Every business uses electronic documents. Building a set of standardized templates makes it easier for your employees to be a part of your branding efforts. Do your memos look consistent across all departments? Using the network capabilities of MicrosoftWord, you can your entire organization access the same set of branded documents, ensuring your brand is reinforced with each document created. More...
  • Presentation Templates - Presentation templates help your organization reinforce and standardize your brand in your presentations. By creating a corporate template, all your communications have a consistent look and feel. It streamlines production, improves the overall appearance feel of your presentation and reinforces you brand as every use. More...
Visit our Brand Standards Tools' Page to see how a Brand Standards Program wraps everything together.

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